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This DVD contains a very complete collection of documents and photographs related to the book Ma Famille by Eliane Herz-Fischler. The first two chapters of the book are entitled ''Ancêtres maternels'' and "Ancêtres paternels" and include a discussion, not only of her grandparents and earlier ancestors, but also of the lives of her parents until their marriage in 1935. This is followed by the chapters "1935-1945" and "1945-1963". The book ends with the short ''Épilogue''.

N.B. Approximate dates are indicated in the following manner: 1930[].

Visual access to photographs and documents is provided first of all by a link to a gallery which shows small versions of all items. Clicking on one of these small versions will lead to the larger version.
In certain cases, when a commentary is provided, there is also a direct link to the photograph or document.
If direct access to the images is desired they can be found in the directories and sub-directories on this DVD.

Coralie Weill: 1910-1995

Albert Herz: 1902-1976

Maternal Ancestors

Paternal Ancestors