The Golden Number

In the bibliography on page 180 of my book, Adolph Zeising I list the following work:

Herz-Fischler, R. 2004b. The Golden Number. Ottawa: Mzinhigan Publishing.

I had already completed a first draft of this work, but, as I am rather a perfectionist in these matters, I have decided that it would be best to completely revise the format.

The book will deal with the history, sociology and philosophical aspects of golden numberism starting with its earliest appearance.

Since the book Adolph Zeising discusses, in great detail and with many drawings, golden numberism from 1852 (the date of the book by Nees von Essenbeck) until 1876 (the year of Zeising's death) this period will not be covered in detail in The Golden Number.

Similarly I will not be discussing golden numberism and the Great Pyramid in detail as this has been covered in my book The Shape of the Great Pyramid.

The entry and propagation of golden numerism in France are discussed in full detail in list of my articles on France, in particular "Le Nombre d'or en France".