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Adolph Zeising
Roger Herz-Fischler

Mzinhigan Publishing

Hard cover, high quality paper, 186 pages, CD-ROM with over 200 illustrations

ISBN 0-9693002-6-3   Cataloguing information: DD205.Z43H47 2004
-- 943'.07'092 -- C2004-904418-4

Price ( includes taxes and shipment by land / sea post ):
          Canada: CA$41
          Euro zone: 34 €
          Great Britain: 22 £
          Elsewhere: US$42

Individual orders must be accompanied by a postal or bank money order or a personal cheque.
Please make the money order or cheque payable to Roger Herz-Fischler, rather than to Mzinhigan Publishing.
Credit card orders, or orders placed through an on-line organization, can not be accepted.

Libraries and research institutions may order a copy and be billed later.

Orders should be sent to:

Roger Herz-Fischler
340 Second Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1S 2J2
e-mail: mzinhigan@herz-fischler.ca

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